What Do Parents Think About VIVISTOP Telliskivi?

VIVITA’s goal is to create an inspiring and educating environment for all the children who feel the joy to test their creativity with new and exciting challenges. As the most important factor for each child is the family, we in VIVISTOP Telliskivi pay a lot of attention to the feedback and the ideas families share with us. This gives us assurance that children’s wit and creativity is developing towards the right direction at the right speed.

From time to time we ask more thorough feedback from those parents whose kids are involved in VIVISTOP Telliskivi’s activities. It is utmost delight to see and hear that all the parents whose kids are actively involved, are very supportive of VIVISTOP Telliskivi’s activities. Additionally, we have received several ideas of how we might improve the most popular activities in VIVISTOP Telliskivi, which workshops we should hold and which new challenges we should take on with children.

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Hammocks designed by kids in Japanese Summer School in VIVISTOP Telliskivi, July 2019

Here is a short overview with the main points of the feedback parents have given us:

How has going to VIVISTOP affected your child?:

  • The urge to explore and invent has grown;
  • Increased confidence while working together with children older than the child;
  • The ability to see the problem and the solution as a whole has developed;
  • The courage and skill to perform and present ideas convincingly in front of others has increased.

The biggest surprise for parents:

  • There are projects together with professionals and kids can solve real problems;
  • An unseen persistence to work on a project from beginning to the end;
  • A self-contained tinkerer has become a true blue team player;
  • Kids have developed new angles to look at things.

What do you like the most about VIVISTOP:

  • Children feel relaxed at VIVISTOP despite the fact that quite often they are learning new and challenging skills, everything is so well organized;
  • A child can develop his/her own ideas without worrying about grades or competing with others;
  • A child can tinker at his/her own pace and even if the child cannot come to VIVISTOP for some time, he/she will not lose his/her track.

One of the suggestions that kept lingering on our minds was that we should think about how to offer different challenges in between the organized workshops and free flow, so that children could act and invent also on their own. As this spring has been quite bizarre, we have already been pushed to reorganize the activities in VIVISTOP Telliskivi and come out with the solutions on how to organize projects in a situation where children may not even physically meet.

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Making of a YouTube tutorial of “Life-Size Building Blocks

When we asked about new ideas, many parents offered their expertise for organizing workshops, collecting different materials for crafting and giving a helping hand to the VIVISTOP Telliskivi team with whatever would be needed. This kind of feedback is extremely important to us and we are sincerely happy that it is acknowledged that while VIVISTOP is free for all children, for it to sprout, we need all the support from families and community we can get.

One thing that we would like the families of VIVISTOP Telliskivi to bear in mind is that constructive criticism is also a very important part of feedback. We have had less criticism than we had snow during the previous winter. It is a very big acknowledgement for us but on the other hand, we believe that there is always room for improvement, so we encourage parents to be open and candid in their feedback. If there is something that keeps troubling you, we want to know it!

To summarize this, one positively surprising quote from a parent concludes perfectly, it said that “while taking part in VIVISTOP Telliskivi’s activities, the child’s initial interest towards music and crafting has grown, although the activities that the child has participated in, are tempting to skip on to another new and interesting hobby.”

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Free Flow activities at VIVISTOP Telliskivi

This thought gives us confidence that the road that we all together are following, goes to the right direction. Children who have already found what interests them the most, can keep on working and improving their skills while broadening their horizons. All children can learn new skills and maybe even find the one most exciting hobby for their childhood or even a calling for their future career!

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Testing the landing capsule of the Astronaut Egg, making a video tutorial for Insplay STEAM webinar

That means VIVISTOP Telliskivi does not turn all children into much of muchness but quite the opposite — VIVISTOP Telliskivi supports children’s development respecting their uniqueness and individuality. That is exactly the most crucial factor that is necessary to help children grow into a talented, smart and responsible world-changers generation.

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