VIVITA, an international network of accelerators for children and young people, is looking for active volunteers to join

VIVITA is an international network of creativity accelerators, which today operates in 7 countries in Europe, Asia and the USA. Our first studio in Estonia — VIVISTOP Telliskivi — is located in Tallinn, in the creative city of Telliskivi. VIVITA aims to offer a variety of solutions (environment, technologies, workshops) that help children stimulate and develop their creativity. Curious and enterprising children and young people work, invent and craft with us, acquire new knowledge and skills through creative activities. Thereby, VIVITA team and volunteers are mentoring the children on the way.

We are looking for active volunteers interested in youth work, design and technology to join our activities!

Volunteering at VIVITA includes working with children and young people aged 8–14, helping the team and children with workshops, and creating content for VIVITA communication channels. We also encourage volunteers to share their knowledge and skills with children and create workshops.

VIVISTOP Telliskivi studio has a variety of tools and equipment for use — including 3D printers, laser cutter, wood workshop, soldering corner, sewing machines and much more. We can teach you how to use machines and equipment and the principles of mentoring children, but we assume that you are also proactively ready to learn to use the equipment by yourself and work with young people. As a volunteer, we expect creativity, an open and entrepreneurial mindset and a sense of responsibility from you.

Volunteering offers exciting challenges and experiences in the startup world and in the field of youth work. VIVITA Estonia offers a good opportunity to work with young people, with the VIVISTOP Telliskivi team, our international team and also several partners. Volunteering at VIVITA is also a good opportunity for high school students to carry out their 11th grade creative project or for students to gain internship experience.

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