VIVISTOP Telliskivi video editing workshop

“Elavad pildid” is a workshop series, where we introduce the filming and editing world for the members. We learn how to visulize the end result, write a script, film and edit.

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Our first workshop started in November and the main focus was making a promoclips. VIVITA’s mentor Steveli gave them a challenge to make a promoclip for a fictional object: happiness powder, good friend’s chair or bluetooth pencil.

Our first meeting was all together in Zoom call, where we introduced ourselves, reasearched some famous brands and their slogans. In the end of the call they chose one of the items and started visulizing and writing a script.

When the script was ready, three of them filmed at home and one of them came to the VIVISTOP. And week after the Zoom call they all met individually with Steveli. One of the reason were the Covid-19 restrictions, but mainly because everyone were on different level and they had different videoclips and the ideas, too. Editing individually was way more productive, because they came with their vision and script and I had a chance to teach them skills, that they asked for. For example, two boys wanted to make explosion and individually we had a chance to learn it together, because it was the first time for me, also. They all learned new editing skills with Adobe Premiere Pro.

Liam and bluetooth pencil
Liam came to the VIVISTOP with his videoclips and his idea was that the bluetooth pencil has a connection even after the big explosion. Warning! It may contain loud music and it’s explosive!

Richard and iPen
Richard’s bluetooth pencil iPen is super effective and he found it by a miracle. iPen is resistant and cats favourite. Be ready, cause it may explode!

Oliver and a good friend’s chair
Oliver chose the good friend’s chair and in the promoclip he shows you all the good about the iChair.

Martha Mia and happiness powder
Martha Mia filmed and edited it at VIVISTOP. What do you think, should we actually bring it to the market?

We will continue with “Elavad pildid” workshop series also this year. If you have an idea in your head, let us know, because we are ready to make it.

Workshop organizer Steveli Säde
Text author Steveli Säde

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Kids and Youth Creativity Accelerator

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