Tallinn Music Week x VIVITA Kids Festival

For the second time, the TMW Kid’s program was organized by VIVITA inventors. Many participants already had last year’s experience and there were also new team members who were inspired by last year’s festival.

This year, vivinauts were brave and adapted quickly to sudden changes. By the time of the festival, the VIVITA kids’ team had grown up to 15 members, with whom the whole festival preparation was completed — starting from negotiations, designs, registration forms, advertising, until the last detail of the whole program!

It is a pleasure to see future cultural organizers grow! It is a unique experience for both parties. The organizers of TMW’s various fields can see for themselves how quickly the young people’s experience of organizing an event grows. It is enough to give direction and be a “back” supporter. The basis of everything is, of course, open communication and trust. It was a very enriching experience for our whole team!
- Terje Trochynskyi, lasteprogrammi juht

Check out this year’s Kids Festival down below.

Photo: Helena Pass

VIVITA Social Club is a series of workshops launched in 2021, the aim of which is to increase the sense of community and the ability to work together in a team. If VIVITA members are usually involved in designing, building and finishing their individual projects during the Free Flow — then Social Club is established to make projects in a team. Each VIVITA member can jump on board and pursue a common goal with the team.

Photo: Helena Pass

This year, a group of researchers started working with VIVITA children to study the innovation of learning communities. Researchers are interested in how children can manage their learning, make decisions and collaborate in a way that they take care of each other, and have equal opportunities.
In Estonia, the first pilot of the research project was launched with VIVITA creativity accelerator in cooperation with the Social Club.

This year, Sony Music Baltics artist Eleryn Tiit opened the TMW x VIVITA Kids Festival and the whole music week! The process of finding the main artist was exciting and fast-paced. With only one month left until the festival, we had to find the “right artist” ASAP. Without thinking, the kids went to the office of our neighbours, Sony Music Baltics, and asked if they wanted to get involved. The “yes” came quickly and kids were delighted to have Eleryn as their main artist of the festival.

“I haven’t had the opportunity to perform for so many children very often. It was heartwarming to see the excitement and spark in the eyes of these ambitious children. I will remember the experience of the TMW Kids Festival with great feeling!”
- Eleryn Tiit

The Kids Festival also had a mini version of the TMW Talks series. One part of last year that the children really enjoyed was the interview with the main artist, and they wanted to add it to the program this time as well. The children prepared questions box for the audience so that guests could also ask and get involved. The interviewers were Olivia and Emili Mai, who conducted the interview like experienced journalists.

The cutest and most surprising artists of Tallinn Music Week performed on the Mini Stage. The humble and quiet kids only needed a mic and a stage to be the biggest superstars of Tallinn Music Week. 6 artists performed on the Mini Stage, performing stunning ballads, their own creation, and amazing melodies. The Mini Stage program was guided by Nora-Carolin and Krõõt, who also performed on stage. A few weeks before the festival, they created a registration form and put together a program of performances as well as thank-you packages for the performers.

With the help of the Tallinn Music Week team, the children organized three workshops for the children’s festival. There was music in every corner of the creativity lab.

The woodwork room was full of electronic music, where Iti Teder (Progear) introduced to the children many exciting synthesizers and musical instruments.

As soon as the Mini Stage program finished, kids ran outside to grab a djembe. The South African Djembe Workshop was conducted by Reigo Ahven, who brought djembes in different sizes so that everyone could participate.
3–2–1 and the drumming workshop kicked off!

Sandra, from Fridays For Future, was also part of the Kids Festival, where she introduced several hands-on activities on climate change and explained why we need to think about it. Due to the “extreme climate mess”, even the youngest music lovers and superstars are now more aware of their decisions and choices taking into consideration the climate.

Photo: Helena Pass

One of the bold initiatives of the young organizers was to invite the Estonian National Television children’s show NOVA to the Kids Festival. It only confirms the fact that they are proud of what they are doing and want to share it with other peers. As soon as they got the NOVA’s phone number, a call was made. There was a lot of excitement and the joy after receiving a positive answer was indescribable!

And now the most important part of the Kids Festival — which can not miss from a dream festival!? Of course mini pancakes and glitter make-up. We already knew from the experience of the first year that Wise & Shine shine makeup and Kooker mini pancakes can’t be missing from the Kids Festival. Negotiations were done and both were proud and present at the festival!

Big thank you to the TMW photographers! You can find the TMW Kids Festival gallery here.

See you next year!



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