Sewing ABC Workshop


It’s a pleasant time, where the days are short, there are fewer chores outside, and the evenings are long and cozy. There couldn’t be a better time to craft in the Vivita studio.

On November 9, the workshop of Sewing ABC took place in the creativity laboratory. The most diligent vivinauts were there on time, and there were more people who wanted to sew some items for themselves than we initially planned.

All the vivinauts had already sewn with a sewing machine before, either when completing the tests or making their own projects, but for the first time, in parallel with sewing, each workshop participant was able to design a cartoon for themselves.

Vivinaut Vivian, who has already sewn many pillows for both herself and her brother, was helping to facilitate the workshop this time. Vivian coped well with the task of running the workshop.

Vivianaut Vivian. Foto: Vivita Estonia

At the beginning of the workshop, we discussed that there are many different types of pillows — decorative pillows, sofa pillows, cuddly pillows or why not book pillows. Then we divided the vivinauts into two groups and got to work. The first group of vivinauts started designing cartoons online, and the second group started sewing their own pillows.

We connected making the comic with sewing the pillow, and everybody came up with great stories. For example, Laura finished a story about a dog who had no friends, but at the end of the story she found very good friends.

Photo: Vivita Estonia

We drew our dream pillow on paper, taking into account the seam allowances, pinned the cuts to the fabric with pins (it was a good challenge) and cut out the fabric. We recalled how to use a sewing machine and learned simpler sewing techniques.

Photo: Vivita Estonia
Photo: Vivita Estonia
Participants of the workshop. Photo: Vivita Estonia

At the end of the workshop, each person completed both a self-designed pillow as well as a cartoon. Vivinut Vivian pointed out that the most difficult thing for her when guiding the workshop was that she enjoyed the role of a facilitator, but would have been more keen on participating in the workshop together with other vivinauts.

We thank you Karin Rask Design for the fabric leftovers which found great usage in the workshop!

Text and photos: Vivita Estonia
Workshop was conducted with the help of: vivinaut Vivian
November 2022