Problem-solving with children: Prisma children’s checkout counter

When presentations are done
Kids at Prisma storage room
Mapping the good and the bad
Checkout counter height regulator
Snake-shaped product scanner
Elephant-shaped shopping cart machine
Idea sketches


  • Thank you for participating and for all your crazy ideas: Nora, Morten, Mirtel, Emma O, Karolin, Yoko, Jakob, Tormi, Emma J, Etta, Rio, Otto, Tevon and Elli.
  • Thank you, AS Prisma Peremarketid
  • And last but not least, thank you, Sigrid Kägi for making all those amazing photos ♡
Workshop run by Eva Liisa Kubinyi & Halina Mugame

Kids and Youth Creativity Accelerator

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VIVITA Estonia / VIVISTOP Telliskivi

VIVITA Estonia / VIVISTOP Telliskivi

Kids and Youth Creativity Accelerator

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