Peer-to-peer learning | Workshops held by Vivita members aka vivinauts | School holidays edition


Not only are adults the ones to teach kids new skills and broaden their horizon. At Vivita creativity accelerator, kids and youngsters have the possibility to conduct and run workshops to other children their age. Be it cooking, programming, designing or storytelling — you name it. Through this, kids get a great experience already from an early age to share their knowledge and skills with other peers.

How does it exactly work? Let us guide you through the process and bring 3 examples of 3 vivinauts who facilitated workshops during school holidays and have been doing so for more than once. Usually, the kid shows interest to conduct and run a workshop in Vivistop. Together with Vivita mentor, they set the date, time, duration, topic and the amount of kids participating. Vivinaut is expected to lead the workshop him/herself, Vivita mentors are there to support and encourage.

Vivinaut Mattias’ (12 y/o) workshop — Programming in Scratch

Programming in Scratch is something Mattias is very skilled at. This workshop was already his 3rd in Vivistop Telliskivi. Before the workshop, Mattias is always there early on to prepare all the computers and all the necessities needed for the workshop. He had set up different milestones for the participants so they could get the best experience from the learning experiment. He asked questions from the kids such as what do they think how to do the next step which was really engaging. Additionally, he had built in problems beforehand to solve them all together in a playful way. However, he also left room for the participants to experiment themselves while allowing them to personalise their games. What is astonishing about Mattias, is his clear voice, story-telling, determination and patience, while being the facilitator of the workshops.

Vivinaut Sohvi’s (11 y/o) workshop — cooking and baking at Kitchen Island

When there’s school holidays, then Sohvi is the one who is Vivistop’s “most regular customer’s” as she lives abroad during school time. Among other creative things she likes to do in Vivistop, cooking and baking is the one closest to her heart. Last summer, she introduced us the well-known Swedish Kladdkaka which is a de-li-ci-ous chocolate cake. During school holidays, together with other vivinauts she taught them how to do carrot muffins. As they say, when life gives you lemons, you got to make lemonade — and that’s exactly what they did additionally as well. What is admirable about Sohvi, is her sense of humour, directness and sincereness.

Vivinaut Karolin’s (13 y/o) workshop — 3D stickers

Karolin is among one of the first vivinauts in Vivistop Telliskivi. During all those years, she has participated in the accelerator programme Vista’s 1st batch with her startup Mastermind, which has a very popular DIY slime-making kit. She has led many workshops both in Vivistop as well as in Gospa in Kuressaare and even in Seoul in South Korea. Her latest passion is making stickers with digi cutter. During school holidays, she levelled up the sticker game and together with all the participants, they made 3D-stickers from scratch. By the end of the workshop, What is impressive about Karolin, is her determination, orientation for details and being kind-hearted.

Thus, we invite all the vivinauts to step outside your comfort zone. This is a great opportunity to conduct workshops and share the skillset and knowledge with other peers and friends.

Text and photos: Vivita Estonia
March 2023