My journey in VIVISTOP Telliskivi

Always going playfully forward and forward. Photo: VIVITA Estonia

Supporting children's independence and collecting special skills

VIVISTOP Telliskivi Challenge Cards. Photo: VIVITA Estonia
Free Flow projects. Photo: VIVITA Estonia
VIVITA Vista lemonade stand and building prototypes. Photo: VIVITA Estonia

Play as a natural part of learning

Free Play Corner. Photo: VIVITA Estonia
Opening the surprise package. Photo: VIVITA Estonia
Playful tools for self-expression. Photo: VIVITA Estonia
Inventing games. Photo: VIVITA Estonia

Self-directed group of children

Exit Room props. Photo: VIVITA Estonia
Successful escapers. Photo: VIVITA Estonia

Summary of my journey

  1. Less is more! In working with kids it is necessary to create realistic but open tasks. Think through the challenge and show how to find solutions. The result (and the way to get there) should always be open.
  2. Play, play, and once more play! The more playful the atmosphere, the easier children come up with ideas. The more comfortable the mentor feels, the better for everyone.
  3. Show, don't tell! If you want children really to understand what you are saying, you have to give many examples and examples they could relate to.

Kids and Youth Creativity Accelerator

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VIVITA Estonia / VIVISTOP Telliskivi

VIVITA Estonia / VIVISTOP Telliskivi

Kids and Youth Creativity Accelerator

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