Masako Wakamiya Workshops on Excel Art

On June 19–20 VIVISTOP Telliskivi was proud to host Excel-Art workshops by 84-year-old Masako Wakamiya from Japan. Almost 100 people participated in the workshops and morning lecture during these inspiring days.

Masako Wakamiya / photo: Sigrid Kägi

Masako Wakamiya is the eldest programmer in Japan. She creates iPhone apps for seniors and is dedicated to teach and inspire seniors to enhance their digital skills all around the world. After her retirement from the corporate world at the age of 59, she innovated her life through the usage of a computer which supported her relationship with the outside world.

Masako Wakamiya and the participants of the workshop Anne, Külli and Kadri / photo: Marju Kask

Alongside with kids also many bold and beautiful grandmothers joined the workshops on both days and it resulted in a wonderful energy beyond different generations. This week one of the grandmothers is already running her first own workshop for kids at VIVISTOP Telliskivi together with her granddaughter.

Masako Wakamiya is the innovator of turning the world`s most commonly used spreadsheet application — Microsoft Excel — into a tool to enjoy art with a computer. Designs created in the workshop were printed to decorate a unique “uchiwa” — Japanese paper fan — practical accessory for hot summer weather. If you’d want to test this out at home, follow the instructions here.

Workshop participants with Masako Wakamiya / photo credits Sigrid Kägi

Thank you: Robotex Japan, Embassy of Japan in Estonia, Microsoft Estonia, Janne Funk (OÜ Kirimiri)

From left: Masako Wakamiya, Janne Funk, Eva Liisa Kubinyi, Halina Mugame, Marju Kask, Mari-Liis Lind, Yuriko Saito and Takumi Amano / photo: Sigrid Kägi

Watch Masako Wakamiya’s TEDx Tokyo talk here.