Living Images — animation workshop

On March 1, animation workshop Living Images was held at Vivistop Telliskivi. The aim was to make a stop motion film using shadow animation. The workshop was held with a group of 16 children and the workshop lasted the whole day.

Backgrounds and the storyboard for the action film were created in teams by kids themselves. At first it seemed like an impossible mission to link all these utopian story elements, but vivinaut Paula and her storyboard team succeeded brilliantly.

As not all the scenes made it into the film, it was a source of heated discussions between the teams that ended with a crisis meeting. After having a brief discussion and the heat was brought down, the work could continue.

Apart from setting the characters in motion, storyboarding the film and making the DIY light box, we learned to work together towards a common goal as a team. That probably was the biggest challenge and learning of the workshop.

The day ended before the last pieces of voice overs were cast on the filmstrip, but that didn’t stop us from enjoying a premiere with salty popcorn and sweet lemonade. Once the film is finally edited, it will certainly be available to other vivinauts.

Text and photos: Vivita Estonia
March 2023



Kids and Youth Creativity Accelerator

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