Let’s Program Together in Scratch!

Have you ever used Scartch? Vivinaut Mattias invited Vivita members to get acquainted with the world of programming in the workshop to share his skills and knowledge in algorithmic and programming development system called Scratch.

November 10 finally arrived, the x-day that Mattias was eagerly waiting for. The programming workshop took place between 15:00 and 17:00, where participants got basic knowledge about the possibilities of designing, creating and testing in a programmin software.

Photo: Vivita Estonia

In order to conduct the workshop at Vivita, Mattias himself had done a lot of preliminary work. At first, he tested the game he created himself, and then he did several trial sessions together with his family. “Prepared one way and another, and finally the x-day arrived!!!”, added Mattias’ father Marko, after giving his feedback to the workshop.

The preparation for the workshop was perfect: Mattias came to Vivita early. Due to his great excitement, he messed up his schedule and came 1 hour earlier than planned, but no worries at all, he was able to prepare everything for the workshop: prepare the computers and computer mice, connect the computer to the big screen, turn on the background music, go over the workshop structure and plan a short stretching break so that the participants’ eyes can rest a little after the first lesson.

Mattias managed to run the workshop perfectly: the speaking style, all the explanations about programming, the entire briefing were top-notch. The programming language was Estonian, but Mattias skillfully explained in English for one of the participants as well. All the guidance to the participants of the workshop was very impressive and professional.

Photo: Vivita Estonia
Photo: Vivita Estonia
Photo: Vivita Estonia

Feedback from the participants!

Mattias’ own comment and feedback to the workshop:

“While I was preparing the workshop, I made a short file as a reminder and did rehearsals with my family, then I was ready — the presentation for the kids would have been too burdensome. I think it’d be good idea not to stick to every detail of the plan too much and leave a little room for spontaneity.

The start of the workshop went well, although not many people raised their hands to indicate that the task was complete, and that, along with the running around, made it difficult for me. But I did it! And when everything was done, it was nice to see how the all the projects were completed.”

The aim of the workshop was to gain basic knowledge of the algorithmic and programming from the development system Scratch. All the participants got excited about programming in Scrathc — so all the expectations from the workshop were exceeded. Thank you Mattias for conducting the workshop at Vivita!

Text and photos: Vivita Estonia
Workshop was facilitated by: vivinaut Mattias
November 2022



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