Let’s Make a Sustainable Advent Calendar!

We have reached the advent season, and we are already counting the days until Christmas . Advent calendars arrive in homes, especially in homes with children, which make the waiting of Christmas even more fun. You will certainly agree with us that one of the most popular advent calendars is the chocolate one, but vivinaut Ella thought it would be great to make such an advent calendar that could be used in future years as well, that is, the calendar to be much more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Vivinaut Ella knows that to conduct an advent calendar workshop, one has to prepare well in advance, because December is the time when elves start working and they have a lot of work to reach every child.

Already in October, vivinauts Ella and Mila came up with the idea of making an advent calendar workshop in December at the Vivistop creative studio. With great enthusiasm, they set to work, cut out the necessary details for the bags from the fabric, sewed them together; then they cut out the frame of the advent calendar in the woodwork area.

It was a lot of fun working together, the idea flows better and the work goes faster, but at one point Ella decided that she would think of conducting the advent calendar workshop herself and together under the guidance of Iseasi product designers.

Vivinaut Ella. Photo: Vivita Estonia

The cooperation with the designers took place in such a way that Iseasi designers help vivinauts with their projects usually twice a month on Thursdays. When Ella had worked a little on the wooden part of the advent calendar, she met the designer with whom she discussed the advent calendar’s practicality and ease of use.

The original version of the wooden frame was put together with glue, but after consulting with the designer, Ella realized that it would be good to disassemble the calendar parts after the advent season and put them on hold until next year — so they wouldn’t take up much space on the shelf or drawer. The cooperation with the designers was very productive, and with the help of Joonas, master of the Vivita wood workshop, the process of assembling and disassembling the advent calendar was made very easy and convenient. So the long-awaited advent calendar workshop arrived, the first advent was just around the corner and the Christmas spirit was high.

Photo: Vivita Estonia
Advendikalendri raamide kokkupanek
Assembling the advent calendar. Photo: Vivita Estonia
The preparation of the stickers going to the advent calendar. Photo: Vivita Estonia
Ironing the stickers on top of the advent calendar pouches. Photo: Vivita Estonia

In Ella’s opinion, it was difficult for her to offer help to the workshop participants while guiding the workshop, because all the vivinauts themselves understood greatly how to assemble the wooden frame, cut out the stickers and iron the numbers onto the fabric. At the beginning of the workshop, she felt left out because of this, but it showed that the cooperation and preparation beforehand was really good.

A big thank you to Ella — great idea and execution making the advent calendar. Thank you to Iseasi design agency product designers who helped Ella with advice and help; mentor Joonas, who helped cut out the wooden parts of the calendar with a laser cutter. Biggest thanks to Ella’s mother, Hanna, who helped Ella to sew 24 bags for each calendar, altogether 168 bags were sewn for the workshop.

Advent calendar made in the workshop. Photo: Vivita Estonia

All participants were very happy to be able to put together very cool advent calendars. Each vivinaut had their own vision of the advent calendar —all the calendars turned out unique.

The idea and execution of the workshop were liked by all participants of the Advent calendar. Feedback from workshop participants:

Text and photos: Vivita Estonia
Workshop was conducted by: vivinaut Ella
November 2022



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