Immersed in Sound: A Journey through Soundscapes

What is sound art? What is sound in the first place? How can sound be perceived with other senses?

Over the course of a month, a group of young sound enthusiasts embarked on a quest to find answers to these questions, culminating in the creation of an interactive sound installation called “Sound Journey” or “Helirännak.” Throughout the project, the young sound enthusiasts visited various sound art exhibitions and met Estonian sound artists who shared their experiences and taught the children techniques for recording and manipulating sounds. Erik Alaloo, Taavi Suisalu, Mari-Liis Rebane, Liisa Hirsch, and Aivar Tõnso were among the artists who generously shared their knowledge.

Photos: Vivita Estonia

During their search, the children collected intriguing audio clips from nature, urban environments, and the studios of different sound artists, resulting in a diverse and rich sound palette for their final creation.

“Sound Journey” was built using Viviware modules, specifically designed to make prototyping the project easy and enjoyable for children. The installation consisted of multiple interactive elements that responded to visitors’ movements and touch, presenting various sounds and natural compositions. Adding a visual dimension to the experience, our volunteer Rasmus introduced the children to the exciting world of programming tool Max MSP.

Photos: Vivita Estonia

The installation was showcased at both the “Ma Ei Saa Aru” sound art festival in Telliskivi and the children’s jazz festival, Kräsh. Visitors had the opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of sounds, experiencing new and unexpected combinations while feeling a part of the artwork. Through this project, the young artists aimed to highlight the importance of sound in our everyday lives and encourage people to listen more attentively to the world around them.

The following sound enthusiasts participated in the project: Ralf-Stefan Mihkelsoo, Lukas Eliaser, Karl Rudolf Vöörmann, Jakob Saar, Emma Linda Källu, Matvei Balabonin, Lui Puik, Oliver Kõrgmaa, Mattias Ringo, Sarah Randnurm, Johann Aleksander Oot, Kirill Dmitriev, and Eneliis Raaga.

Special thanks to Rasmus Rattas, Erik Alaloo, Taavi Suisalu, Mari-Liis Rebane, Liisa Hirsch, and Aivar Tõnso for their contributions.

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Text and photos: Vivita Estonia, Aron Urb
June 2023