Exploring the possibilities of co-creation between children and design students of Estonian Academy of Arts in the new studio space of VIVISTOP Telliskivi

Students help children build arcade games of their own design. Photo credit: VIVITA Estonia.
The empty space triggers children to imagine endless possibilities. Photo credit: VIVITA Estonia.
In a warm-up activity, children navigate students through the VIVISTOP Teliskivi studio. Photo credit: VIVITA Estonia.

The co-creation process

Children talk about their dreams while students actively take notes. Photo credit: VIVITA Estonia.
Children present their dreams to other children and students. Photo credit: VIVITA Estonia
Meetings continue through interactive sessions via Zoom. Photo credit: VIVITA Estonia.
Mapping of all the collectively imagined possibilities for the space. Photo credit: VIVITA Estonia.
Captions (from left to right): nature-inspired wall installation; DIY modular storage unit and exhibition furniture; public event series “Made in VIVISTOP’’ to showcase children’s projects; wigwam made from natural materials; playful objects made from industrial leftover fabrics; modular, stackable soft furniture for play and relaxation; experimental analogue machine for music and animation; workshop for experimentation with kitchen tools and unconventional materials. Photo credit: VIVITA Estonia.

Children and designers as partners

Design students and children figure out together how to connect materials. Photo credit: VIVITA Estonia.

The value of children’s participation for designers

Design students and children test out the collaboratively created structure. Photo credit: VIVITA Estonia.
Partnership is defined by imagining, making, testing and playing. Photo credit: VIVITA Estonia.

Kids and Youth Creativity Accelerator

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VIVITA Estonia / VIVISTOP Telliskivi

VIVITA Estonia / VIVISTOP Telliskivi

Kids and Youth Creativity Accelerator

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