EKA x Vivistop Telliskivi Workshop: How Would the Dream Scooter Look Like?

On Children’s Day, June 1, the second-year industrial design students of the Estonian Academy of Arts — Mariann and Beata organized a scooter workshop for children at Vivistop Telliskivi, where the children could design exactly one of a kind of scooter they thought the world was still missing. As a result of teamwork, 3 first scooter prototypes were completed.


Mattias and Kirill decided that they were not going to build a completely new scooter, but instead upgraded Kirill’s scooter with various accessories. An MP3 player with headphones, a light and a speedometer were added to the trick scooter.

Testing. Kirill and Mattias’ prototype.

Sarah and Richard’s scooter had a gas pedal as well as a brake. In addition, the scooter was decorated with LaMuu stickers, because you could drive to LaMuu’s ice cream shop with their scooter. The scooter also had large wheels to overcome obstacles on the road.

The making of a prototype and pitching. Sarah and Richard’s prototype.

Ruudi and Sören’s scooter concept included a scooter with an armchair and a sofa, which would also have a refrigerator and other amenities.

Sketching and modelling. Ruudi and Sören’s prototypes.

In addition to designing a scooter and building a prototype, the children could also practice presenting their work in the form of an elevator speech aka pitch.

Beata, Mariann and vivinauts.

Text and photos: Mariann Hendrikson, Beata Batejev, Vivita Estonia
June 2023