Admirals Financial Literacy Day at Vivistop Telliskivi

Photo: Maksim Toome

On the Thursday of the autumn school break, the first Financial Literacy Day for young people aged 8–14 was held in the Vivistop Telliskvi studio in collaboration with VIVITA, Mängides Targaks, the Ministry of Finance and Admirals. The purpose of Money Wisdom Day was to raise awareness among children in the world of financial literacy. The exceptionally high interest in the day confirms the children’s desire and readiness to cultivate money-related wisdom, which is why the Money Wisdom Day promises to become a great, consistent tradition.

Photo: Vivita Estonia

The children were inspired by Märten Kala — the winner of the 2021 Ajujaht, and the co-founder of the student company Münt, now operating under a new name Others — an environmentally friendly innovative company doing toothpaste. Märten shared with the kids his journey as an entrepreneur and several tips on how it is important to be consistent in what you do and never give up.

Tiina Varend from Admirals inspired the children with the discussion “Let’s talk about money” which was hugely popular among the children. During the conversation, the basics of saving and investing were discussed. During the whole day, you could play various board games on the topic of money wisdom, which were conducted by Merike Koort from Mängides Targaks.

In addition, each participant could prepare a Vivita Smart Money Box, which helps to simplify collection by categorizing 3 topics SAVING — SPENDING — DONATING. The real Money Wisdom Day did not went by without the famous Vivita Yoga.

“It’s never too early to lay a foundation of financial literacy, and it’s an ongoing process the whole life. That’s why we thought about how to take the next step in board games together with children. Money Wisdom Day during the school holidays seemed like a great idea to provide an educational and at the same time entertaining pastime. Such a joint meeting proved that children are very interested in thinking about the topics of money . Children have great ideas and many interesting questions. They are very interested in how to make smart decisions and how to be financially free one day in the future,” added Triin Ott.

Photo: Vivita Estonia

Thank you everybody for participating and inspiring! It is cool to be moneywise!

Text: Vivita Estonia
Photos: Maksim Toome and Vivita Estonia
October 2022



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